The wrought iron freestanding conservatory is without doubt one of the most attractive and stylish greenhouses.

freestanding wrought iron conservatory DBG Classics

The feel, authenticity, and design of such a construction in your garden is hard to describe. These beautiful arched conservatories create a stir in each individual with green fingers!

What’s more, even people who don’t really like gardening, are moved when they are confronted with such a gem in the garden!

As every garden lover knows, the word ‘greenhouse’ has many synonyms such as conservatory, garden greenhouse, hothouse, winter garden, covered vegetable garden, glass room, garden veranda, veranda greenhouse, etc.

Apart from these varied names, greenhouses also come in many dimensions, shades, and shapes. One of these shapes is the magnificent freestanding conservatory.

authentic freestanding conservatory in the snow during winter DBG Classics

What is nicer than having such a stylish freestanding conservatory in your garden? It gives you daily (visual) pleasure and you can of course use it to let your seedlings, cuttings, and plants grow and bloom.

Freestanding conservatory – advantage

The freestanding greenhouse is an ideal conservatory to grow plants in. The arch ensures that each piece of glass is assembled at a different angle.

This ensures that the incidence of light and sunrays is better distributed compared to angular greenhouses.

Freestanding conservatory – custom-made is the norm!

The size of a freestanding greenhouse depends on the exact location and wishes of the customer. This entails major decision-making freedom with regard to dimensions for garden lovers who want a suitable freestanding greenhouse!

DBG Classics can provide custom-made wrought iron arched conservatories; for example, with an additional, stylish entrance:

freestanding greenhouse wrought iron DBG Classics

A freestanding conservatory (also known as a freestanding greenhouse) of DBG Classics is an ornamental wrought iron conservatory tailored to the customer’s needs. Each wrought iron freestanding greenhouse of DBG Classics is therefore custom-made.

DBG Classics always talks with the customer and then looks for a suitable solution.

Account is taken here of dimensions, budget (do-it-yourself or having it placed by a recognised installer of DBG Classics), and specific wishes related to the desired contents of the freestanding greenhouse.

Freestanding conservatory – fact

According to many experts, a freestanding conservatory is even more attractive from the inside than from the outside.

freestanding conservatory glass and galvanised steel DBG Classics

A wrought iron freestanding greenhouse arouses a unique sense in each visitor. Descriptions such as spatial, stylish, high quality and elegant are certainly not exaggerated.

Freestanding conservatory – tip

A wrought iron conservatory can be integrated in your garden perfectly, unlike some, more commercial models.

The combination of historic beauty and elegant architecture ensures an unparalleled aura of this authentic freestanding greenhouse!

freestanding conservatory glass custom made DBG Classics

You can even adapt part of your garden to this wonderful construction! The exclusive aura of the freestanding greenhouse enables you to surround yourself with a variety of attractive green such as aromatic flowers, edible plants such as herbs, fruit, etc.

This can turn your garden into a unique little paradise with a delightful atmosphere.

Freestanding conservatory – DIY or having it built

DBG Classics can deliver each conservatory as a do-it-yourself pack (including instructions) or can also see to its installation by recognised installers.

Choosing to build a conservatory oneself is choosing adventure and a lower cost. Choosing installation by recognised installers raises the price but guarantees a high-quality placement!

More info can be found here.

Freestanding conservatory – finish

A freestanding greenhouse can also be placed on a brick wall, finished with a wall cap made of bluestone or any other type of natural stone.

Depending on the type of garden and the environment, this can give the freestanding conservatory that little extra something.

The front of each freestanding conservatory is designed in consultation with the future owners. Each freestanding conservatory gets, for instance, a suitable name and/or decoration that is represented above the conservatory’s entrance.

To illustrate:

entrance freestanding conservatory DBG Classics

You can view this particular project here.

A conservatory tailored to the customer’s wishes is what DBG Classics is all about.

Freestanding conservatory – several considerations

Are you looking for a greenhouse that can really be an added value for your garden? Then a freestanding conservatory of DBG Classics is your ultimate dream!

Before you opt for a wrought iron freestanding conservatory by DBG Classics, you should first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there enough room in the garden?
  • Can I provide water and/or electricity on the spot?
  • Does placing a wrought iron freestanding conservatory entail major added value for myself?
  • Which crops, vegetables, herbs, and fruits do I want to grow in the greenhouse?

Arched conservatories can also serve as covered vegetable gardens, winter gardens, etc. The question is what you, as a garden lover, want from your future freestanding conservatory…

Together with DBG Classics you can decide your wishes and how to fill your freestanding conservatory.

For example, you might actually prefer a more spacious model which resembles an orangery:

victorian conservatory freestanding classic wrought iron glass DBG Classics

How can you make maximum use of a freestanding conservatory? Which vegetables, herbs, climbers, or flowers do you want to plant in the conservatory? DBG Classics has many years’ experience and can help you answer these questions.

Do not hesitate to request a quote if you want more information about our wrought iron arched conservatories.

Freestanding conservatories – realisations

Examples of arched conservatories can be found under our realised projects.