Project Description

This dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse in wrought iron and glass with curved roof serves as a versatile forecourt. The floor is hardened thanks to the beautiful bricks and the space inside is mainly used as a sort of covered forecourt.

There is enough space for small plants in pots, a table, chairs, a shoe rack, decoration, etcetera.

Advantages of this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse

  • It creates more living and storage space for your home
  • Can be used as a dry storage space for tools, equipment or groceries
  • Perfect as lounge area during the summer months
  • Serves as a dry area during the cold and wet winter months
  • The specific design of this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse (glass and wrought iron profiles) ensures a comfortable level of brightness inside
  • Convenient swing door for easy access
  • Available in custom sizes (length, width and height are customisable)

Three features of this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse

Also suitable as lean-to greenhouse

This customer decided to use the vintage structure as a covered forecourt. But this structure can also perfectly function as a pure lean-to greenhouse or winter garden because of the materials which were used.

Plenty of natural light and warmth is generated to make optimal use of the grow season. Gardening tools can easily hang on the brick wall (or they can be placed on shelves on the wall).

Extra living space

Such a wonderful garden structure creates extra living space in your house. A door was integrated so the house is in direct connection with this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse.

And whether you use this lean-to structure to enjoy sunny moments, or rather as a place to leave wet clothes and shoes, mud and snow behind before entering your home, this extra covered and dry area always comes in handy!

Straightforward Do-It-Yourself building kit

Do you live outside Belgium? Then you need to look for an installer yourself (look for an experienced gardener or contractor). But if you happen to be a handyman, then you can always order this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse as a DIY building kit.

The complete building kit can be delivered to your doorstep. This DIY kit includes all the materials, a detailed floor and building plan and instructions.

If you should have questions or if you should need additional help with the construction, then you could also consider taking a short course at your place.

It is possible to have a professional builder of our team come over for a few hours (for a fee). This professional will teach you all the basics and will show you the tricks of the trade. After the session, you will be able to apply everything yourself.

Ultimate versatile garden greenhouse

This dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse is extremely versatile and you can use it as you wish. This structure gives a vintage appearance to your home and is durable.

You can order a custom-made greenhouse and you can decide yourself on which side to have the swing door. Such a structure can be easily integrated in the existing environment of your home.

A popular application for this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse is to use it as a pure lean-to greenhouse. The reason? As you can see on the pictures, this wrought iron lean-to structure in glass offers all the advantages of a traditional freestanding conservatory:

  • Lots of space to easily grow vegetables, fruits and plants
  • A solid influx of natural, bright light
  • Optimal greenhouse effect thanks to the warm environment (warmth is ideal for growing inside)
  • Ventilation hatches to ventilate the greenhouse if necessary

This lean to model offers the additional advantage of being able to directly enter the greenhouse from within your house. You can always avoid the wind and rain showers!

And this is a great advantage compared to a classic freestanding greenhouse in the garden: If you want to enter the greenhouse, you will need to walk (or jog) through any kind of weather…

Interior ideas

Our curved wrought iron profiles and the glass profiles in between ensure a nice diffusion of the natural sunlight. This means the space inside is very bright and warm while it is not blinding either.

This is what makes such a wrought iron dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse the perfect spot to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

A decent amount of our clients decides to design such a lean-to greenhouse as a vintage veranda. They add a table, chairs, a cupboard, several pieces of decoration, candles, plants in pots, etcetera.

This gives the space inside a natural and cosy look and feel. Hence, the greenhouse suddenly becomes very pleasant to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea while waking up.

It is also the perfect spot to overlook the garden (and to keep an eye on playing children or pets).

Applications of this dwarf wall lean-to greenhouse

You can also use this lean-to winter garden for the following purposes:

  • Indoor play area for children
  • Meeting room for professional purposes
  • Storage space
  • Place to clean freshly cut vegetables and fruits (or to make fresh jam and/or beer)
  • Covered dry area for pets
  • Area to store all your tools
  • As lean-to garden in a city on a courtyard

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