Gardeners and garden lovers choose a lean to conservatory instead of a freestanding conservatory for a variety of reasons.

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A lean to conservatory of DBG Classics can be made to measure and can therefore meet all your requirements. Such a conservatory can therefore perfectly fit onto your house, pool house or garden house. This type of greenhouse can then simply be part of your home or garden house.

beautiful lean to conservatory freestanding construction DBG Classics

With a lean to conservatory there are no brusque transitions and you choose a balanced whole that can please every garden lover.

Lean to conservatory – advantages

One example of a greenhouse built against a house is that you no longer need to go outside to reach the greenhouse. The greenhouse thus becomes a new part of the existing house!

glass lean to conservatory DBG Classics

A lean to conservatory offers a nice spatial effect with maximum incidence of light. The type of conservatory is a special place to be in, even in the winter when the sun is shining.

Most lean to conservatories are built on a brick wall:

lean to conservatory glass interior DBG Classics

This lower part of the lean to conservatory holds heat when night falls.

A lean to greenhouse is generally built against a wall that stores heat throughout the day. This wall gradually releases the stored heat during the night which helps limit temperature fluctuations in the greenhouse.

In addition, the building, which the wall is part of, can benefit from the insulation offered by the greenhouse. During the cold winter months a lean to conservatory provides pleasant and welcoming extra insulation.

Lean to conservatory – tips

DBG Classics recommends people living in cooler climates to paint the wall, which the conservatory leans against, in white.

A white wall better reflects the light and therefore provides more heat that is brought back to the greenhouse. This is a tip to improve the energy efficiency of a classic lean to greenhouse!

If the wall, against which the lean to conservatory is built, consists of brick, then it’s also ideal to grow vines in the greenhouse. Vines then nicely climb up the brick wall as they grow.

Lean to conservatory – orientation!

A lean to conservatory can only enjoy constant sunlight in very special conditions. Usually the wall provides shade and this needs to be taken into account for certain crops.

In addition, enough ventilation needs to be provided during the summer months. If the conservatory faces south, it can reach sauna temperatures during the summer months.

The orientation of a lean to greenhouse is therefore definitely a point of special attention!

Lean to conservatory – fact

What’s interesting to know is that lean to conservatories can also be placed against a wall whose sides aren’t all free. There are people who place a lean to greenhouse in a corner of their back garden. As long as the greenhouse can get enough light to provide all plants with the necessary energy, including plants in bloom.

Lean to conservatory – custom-made is an option!

The wrought iron lean to conservatories of DBG Classics can be custom-made so your lean to conservatory exudes class and authenticity while also being unique with regard to dimensions and construction.

lean to conservatory custom-made DBG Classics

Make no mistake: more gardeners than you think choose a lean to conservatory instead of a freestanding conservatory.

A lean to conservatory is the ultimate solution for people with little space in their back garden or who just find the lean to version the most attractive solution.

lean to greenhouse DBG Classics

DBG Classics has the experience and know-how to steer your lean to greenhouse project in the right direction: from foundation right up to the roof.

How much does a lean to conservatory cost?

To add a greenhouse to your home, garden house, or pool house, you must work well-considered. It concerns a (small) renovation and involves costs.

To get an idea of the cost, you must take account of two factors that influence the price:

  1. The desired dimensions, and
  2. Do-it-yourself construction OR placement by a professional partner of DBG Classics

Contact us for more information or request a quote and leave your details and the desired dimensions!

Lean to conservatory – realisations

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