Project Description

This attached greenhouse in wrought iron and glass is an excellent option if you have a wall at your disposal that is located in a sunny spot!

These greenhouses can be easily customised and can be fitted with ventilation hatches and doors wherever you wish.

For example, you can use an existing door or window of your side wall as access to such a greenhouse.

And this can be supplemented with an additional door in the side wall of the greenhouse.

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Self-assembly kit available for wrought-iron attached greenhouse model

Our attached greenhouses in wrought iron and glass are available as self-assembly kits (including assembly plan).

This means that all materials, including the construction plan, are delivered to your address and that you then take care of the installation of the greenhouse yourself.

You can then build the greenhouse yourself or you can hire a contractor or gardener.

If you live in Belgium, you can also entrust the installation and construction to us.

Advantages of an attached greenhouse in wrought iron and glass

Greenhouses are a long established method of bridging the gap between the indoor and outdoor space.

While some greenhouses (such as wrought iron ones with glass) add value and style to real estate, these decorative structures also offer many health benefits.

They are the ideal creations for enjoying a healthy dose of sunshine every day.

This helps to reduce the risk of various diseases and increases our overall health.

Our greenhouses made of wrought iron and glass can brighten up and positively influence your life, and offer some very interesting benefits:

Mental health

A greenhouse can positively influence your mental health.

Have you ever noticed that you are happier during summer and spring than you are during winter and autumn?

This is a fairly common phenomenon and is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

According to science, sunlight affects the amount of serotonin produced in our brains.

In fact, serotonin is a hormone that makes us feel joyful and happy.

Due to the shorter days in winter and the generally colder weather that causes us to spend more time indoors, our serotonin levels plummet during winter and autumn months.

This might have a negative effect on our happiness during these winter and autumn months.

However, by installing a high-quality greenhouse, you can enjoy sunlight and warmth all year round (even during the rainier autumn and winter months).

Vitamin D generation and stronger immune system

Greenhouses are also referred to as winter gardens. They can therefore also be used as a sunroom (like a veranda).

So even if you do not have a veranda but a greenhouse, you can still absorb sunlight during the four seasons by spending quality time in it.

Sunlight is the best source to keep your vitamin D levels at a healthy level. This helps to avoid all sorts of health problems and illnesses.

It strengthens your immune system and is a good weapon in the fight against colds.

A greenhouse in your garden therefore guarantees a good vitamin D production (if you spend enough time in it).

Apart from a natural immunity boost from spending time in the sun, your immune system also gets a boost from working with your hands in soil, humus and compost.

There is a soil bacterium called Mycobacterium Vaccae in soil, humus and compost.

These are friendly bacteria that have a similar effect on the human brain as the average antidepressant.

Moreover, these good soil bacteria can also help to reduce/relieve asthma, allergic reactions, various skin problems and illnesses.

Lowered blood pressure

Regular greenhouse gardening means being frequently exposed to sunlight.

Sunlight widens your blood vessels, thereby lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Improved cardiovascular health

Gardening in the greenhouse for a few hours each week allows you to exercise without forcing yourself.

Regular exercise lowers the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Greenhouse gardening is a safe form of exercise for the older generation and for those who have joint pains or are less mobile.

Needless to say, greenhouse gardening is also a great form of exercise for children and adults without physical ailments.

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