Project Description

This elegant veranda with curved roof in wrought iron and glass could be the perfect addition to your terrace. This creation was built against the side wall of the house, on the existing terrace.

The veranda functions as a calming and relaxing place in the garden and is a veritable feast for the eyes. Read more details about it below!

Elegant veranda in your garden

You can enjoy your garden to the fullest with the presence of a wrought iron lean-to veranda with curved roof.

It allows you to continue enjoying your garden during the autumn, thanks to the protection and shelter such a veranda offers. Drizzly weather can’t thwart your plans anymore as you have a veranda at your disposal sheltering you from rain and wind.

This elegant terrace roof even offers you the possibility to continue spending time in the garden during the winter months. A ray of sunshine and your veranda is quickly heated!

The elegant design, the sustainable materials and the authentic appearance make this type of veranda irresistible for many gardeners.

Available in various dimensions

Our wrought iron lean-to verandas are available in various designs and dimensions. A tailor-made solution is also possible if you have specific demands. In other words, a customised solution for a beautiful lean-to veranda is always possible.

The veranda of this realisation has a curved roof but the roof can also be flat instead of curved.

It is always possible to find a suitable solution which matches the style of your house and/or annex.

An elegant veranda can enhance your garden experience and comfort tremendously. On top of that, its appearance is definitely attractive and special!

Relaxing oasis outside

This stylish veranda is a fantastic place to relax, enjoy and eat outside (to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner).

It’s also the perfect spot to read a book or the newspaper, to drink an excellent coffee or pre-dinner drink, to sunbathe, to take a nap or to simply enjoy the wonderful view over the garden (the plants, trees and birds).

This means our lean-to verandas are so much more than just nice to look at.

They are to be used in any way you like and multifunctionality is their strength. They can also serve as greenhouse, patio or solarium. Equipped with or without table and chairs, bar, barstools, jacuzzi, etc.

Facts about this elegant veranda

Available with various types of roofs

This veranda is blessed with a stylish curved roof.

It’s also possible to buy a similar lean-to veranda in wrought iron and glass with a flat roof.

Reduces the impact of the seasons

This elegant type of terrace cover is the ideal tool to get more out of your garden and terrace.

The additional advantage compared to a traditional terrace cover is that this lean-to veranda can also provide shelter from the wind if you close the side doors.

Do-It-Yourself veranda kit available

Belgian customers can count on us for delivery and installation of the veranda. Foreign customers outside of Belgium can still become the proud owner of such a veranda by opting for the complete, all-in Do-It-Yourself kit.

Belgian customers can also opt for this DIY kit. This kit is delivered to your door including all the materials and an accompanying construction plan.

If you love gardening or you just love rolling up your sleeves, this could become an exciting challenge and a fascinating adventure!

Stylish accessories for an extra touch

The interior of our wrought iron verandas and greenhouses can be designed with various vintage accessories to give the entire structure even more appeal and cachet.

You can see several cool accessories on the pictures of this realisation, such as a wall rack in wrought iron which blends in perfectly with the entire structure. Wood can also be used (such as the comfortable chairs) to create a warm, cosy touch within the veranda.

In short, with a feel for interior design, you can also make its interior really beautiful and attractive.

Interested in an elegant veranda? Request a quotation without obligations

Is it your dream to build a beautiful and elegant veranda in your garden? As a lean-to model against a side wall of your house for example? In order to enjoy your free time to the fullest, even when the weather is not that great (wind, drizzle, grey weather, etcetera)?

Then don’t hesitate and request more information about our solutions without any obligations.

Or communicate your wishes and desires and request a quote online if you like.