Project Description

This freestanding orangery in traditional style is a real eye-catcher in the customers’ garden.

As a detached model, this classy construction with elegant lines attracts attention without being overpowering.

The sides of the greenhouse converge in the roof in a curved form, giving the roof the shape of a gothic pointed arch.

This orangery with elegant lines and durable materials such as wrought iron and glass is a unique stand-alone model.

Why invest in a freestanding orangery?

Gardening in a quiet, dry and sheltered conservatory…

First and foremost this provides pleasure and satisfaction when it comes to growing and eating home-grown herbs, vegetables and fruit (almost all year round).

But of course, a glasshouse can be more than just a greenhouse.

For example, this orangery could also function perfectly as a freestanding veranda in the garden.

It is a warm, inviting place that you can furnish very comfortably and cosily, including (lounge) chairs, (bar) chairs or a hammock to relax in.

Our wrought iron conservatories can also be used for other purposes.

You can even integrate a small pond in the orangery which circulates nutrient-rich water for an exotic mix of lush tropical plants to flourish.

Advantages of a freestanding orangery

  • Some gardeners want to grow certain plants or fruits that would not survive outside in their garden. That is why many choose to invest in a solid glasshouse that provides shelter from the weather.
  • A freestanding orangery is available in customised or standard sizes.
  • You are not obliged to outsource the installation to us. In other words, you can obtain a DIY kit that is delivered at your home (including assembly plan).
  • You can freely orientate an orangery to find the right position in relation to the sun (winter warmth is a concern) and the wind (ventilation via a cooling breeze during the summer months is important).
  • You can consider this beautiful construction as an eye-catcher and organise and divide the rest of your vegetable garden in function of it.

Tips for successful glasshouse gardening

Focus on warmth, humidity and ventilation

A true gardener always creates the ideal environment for the type of plants he/she wishes to grow.

Think of maintaining a warm and humid atmosphere for tropical flowers.

Or think of creating a fairly constant and pleasant temperature for overwintering pot plants, for example.

In a greenhouse, the air and soil must be sufficiently warm and moist.

In addition, there must always be sufficient natural light for photosynthesis to take place.

Finally, you should also ensure good air circulation as this stimulates plant growth and helps prevent various diseases.

Use the entire space in the freestanding orangery

A clever, well thought-out layout and design of your orangery is important in order to get the most out of it.

In the outdoor garden, you simply grow your plants in the open ground. You give them lots of space and usually there are wide paths for walking between the borders and flowerbeds.

In an orangery, on the other hand, you should think differently. The surface area of a freestanding glasshouse is and remains limited.

Therefore, you should realise that the ground (surface) is not the only place where plants can grow.

So think about how you can make the best use of the entire volume of the greenhouse.

For example, there are many gardeners who also grow plants on shelves and platforms in the orangery.

You can also work with interplanting where possible and you can guide plants upwards so that they grow up away from the surface of the soil (consider grape vines for example).

Provide sufficient lighting for all plants

Some hobby gardeners are so enthusiastic that the orangery becomes crammed with greenery.

In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to provide all plants with sufficient light and warmth.

During the summer months, for example, a conservatory can quickly become overloaded with fruits, vegetables and flowers.

In any case, make sure that certain species do not grow too tall and thereby take all the light from the lower growing plants.

In other words, make sure that the plants which do not grow too high are not constantly standing in the shade.

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