Project Description

This glass lean-to greenhouse is located in a courtyard in a corner formed by two brick walls.

This wrought iron and glass greenhouse enjoys maximum illumination and is, among other things, the ideal choice for an urban garden.

Greenhouse for urban gardening: Lean-to model

Living in a city or village centre is not always easy. It is difficult to find space and to make a garden the way you want it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t always have to be this way. In fact, you can undertake urban gardening using specific techniques to grow food even with the limited space you have.

The wrought iron and glass lean-to greenhouse of this project is the ideal tool to grow fresh food on a limited surface.

Urban gardening in this type of greenhouse ensures that you do not need much space to grow your own fruits and vegetables.

This glazed greenhouse in the corner guarantees an optimal use of the space in the courtyard garden.

In combination with techniques such as vertical gardening (to make full use of the height) and container gardening, you can really make the most out of the available space.

Urban gardening is worthwhile and offers some major advantages:

Healthy and fresh food

In today’s society of fast food and the ready-made meal, there is a lack of healthy food.

These quicker options are convenient and efficient but they are usually not good for our health.

Health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, unhealthy blood pressure, overweight, obesity and plus-size people are on the rise.

Growing your own food, on the other hand, can provide healthy and nutritious food, such as fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.

These contain a lot of fibres, healthy nutrients and beneficial vitamins.

Hence, urban gardening is one of the best ways to ensure healthy food for your family.

The glass lean-to greenhouse in the courtyard of this project provides the ideal growing conditions.

Relaxing hobby

Today’s hurried mentality results in a lot of stress and unhealthy diets.

Nowadays, we also tend to forget where our food comes from.

Families that grow their own healthy and fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits have become rare and unique.

Urban gardening with the aid of a stylish lean-to greenhouse facilitates things and ensures an extended growing season for vegetables and fruits.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit in the garden and greenhouse is also very relaxing.

Urban gardening in a greenhouse is a relaxing activity and provides healthy food for the whole family.

Do you have children? Even better! You can teach them the basics of sustainable and healthy food. The cycle from seed to harvest is interesting for young and old.

Glass lean-to greenhouse made to measure or available in standard version

There are many options when it comes to installing a glass lean-to greenhouse so make sure you choose wisely.

There are also different ways to build a glasshouse. You can select all parts yourself and start to work on it.

Or you can order a self-assembly kit (this is possible with us!).

Finally, you can also opt for a complete carefree formula, in which the greenhouse construction is installed on site in your garden (this is possible with us only if you live in Belgium).

So think carefully about the different possibilities, compare the costs and choose what works best for you.

Tips for successful gardening in this type of glass greenhouse annex

Starting with urban gardening in a glass greenhouse requires a little time to gain self-confidence.

So start with fruits and vegetables which are easy to grow.

In this way you will build up your confidence. Basil, zucchini, chervil, parsley and various types of lettuce are some good options.

At a later stage, you can switch to peppers and tomatoes for example (once you have gained some experience).

Tip: Try to grow something that can only thrive in a greenhouse, such as heat-loving vegetables or certain tropical flowers or plants.

It can be exciting to successfully grow some unique, exotic plants.

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