Project Description

This corner glasshouse was built as an extension against two walls.

In other words, our lean-to glasshouses can also be installed against not one but two walls.

If you only have a limited surface area available to build the greenhouse, this can be an interesting option.

Buying a corner glasshouse: Good reasons

Below you will find the main reasons why you should choose a wrought iron corner glasshouse from us.

Protective gardening

A wrought iron corner greenhouse provides a protective barrier against harsh weather conditions.

This authentic-looking construction avoids unnecessary cold and heat, allowing your fruits and vegetables to grow better.

Furthermore, it is easier to protect plants from pests and other disease-causing insects in a sheltered glasshouse than in the garden.

Harvesting fruit and vegetables consistently

A glass greenhouse makes it possible to extend the growing season throughout the year.

It is usually a peaceful spot in the garden where one can feel 100% connected to nature.

Excessive rainfall, extreme temperatures or long periods of drought do not cause serious problems for the vegetables, herbs, plants and fruit you grow in your glasshouse.

Fragrances, colours and flavours

Almost all gardeners love glasshouses.

In a glasshouse, you can enjoy the smell of the greenhouse soil and the herbs and plants, the feeling of spring, the typical warm humidity, the pleasure of harvesting home-grown vegetables, the flavours of summer, the safety from stormy winds, and so on.

The taste of fresh, home-grown vegetables is unequalled. The natural colourfulness of a greenhouse is also relaxing.

On top of that, a stylish wrought-iron greenhouse is a pleasure in terms of its looks, appearance and design.

The fine wrought iron profiles in combination with the glass create a special atmosphere in which it is fantastic to linger.

Optimal environment in the glasshouse

A glasshouse retains enough heat and water vapour to keep the humidity and temperature of the atmosphere inside optimal and under control.

You do not actually need to follow a strict traditional schedule for watering the plants. You only need to keep the soil humidity optimal.

Combined with natural light, a glasshouse is therefore a dreamlike and optimal growing place for plants, vegetables, fruit, herbs, cacti, and so on.

Money-saving investment

Installing a wrought iron and glass greenhouse is a one-off, long-term investment that brings many benefits.

Gardening in a glasshouse enables you to grow your own vegetables and fruits (you no longer have to buy them in the shop). If you collect rainwater, you will not have any extra water costs either.

Visits to the fresh produce section of the supermarket are no longer a necessity, which means an enormous cost saving on an annual basis.

Apart from the financial aspect, you can also fully enjoy gardening in the greenhouse as a gardener. This too is worth money (a benefit and return in kind from your investment).

And did you make a mistake in your planning and do you have a few kilos of tomatoes in surplus? Then you can always give them to friends and family and make them happy.

Our wrought iron glasshouses are also interesting for beginners

Even if you do not have green fingers (yet), you can easily start growing fruits and vegetables in a glasshouse.

Gardening is a popular hobby for both young and old.

Do you have children and do you not want them to be glued to their laptop, gaming console or smartphone all day?

Then a greenhouse with accompanying planning can help introduce the children to gardening under glass.

It teaches them patience (from seed to finished product takes time) and a better understanding of Mother Nature and our food chain.

Are you already an experienced gardener? Then you may also be interested in investing in a decent glasshouse.

That way you can boost your skills and enthusiasm and take them to the next level.

Interested in a corner glasshouse? Contact us

Do you have questions about the possibilities? Or are you curious about the price of a corner greenhouse in wrought iron and glass like the one in this project?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligation.

You can also request a quote online to get an idea of the price tag.