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Project Description

Are you interested in a beautiful contemporary kitchen orangery extension made from wrought iron profiles and glass? But do you wonder whom to contact for such a lean-to orangery project?

Then have a look at this realisation and discover why we, DBG Classics, are the perfect partner to build a unique and contemporary verandah with characteristics of an orangery.

Extra space and lots of natural light

This client wanted to create extra kitchen space by building a wonderful kitchen orangery extension with ample natural light. The orangery structure contains brickwork in the dwarf wall in order to resemble the building style of the property. The dwarf wall serves as the foundation for the orangery’s wrought iron roof profiles.

This glass orangery has really unique flooring (wonderful tiles) and a large table inside offers the excellent conditions for a cosy breakfast, lunch or dinner during spring, autumn, or summer.

Maximising the market value of your property

Consider investing in an alluring kitchen orangery extension if you would like to maximise the value of your property. Creating a spacious kitchen extension with a glass roof and ample natural light would certainly add a unique touch.

Spacious and multifunctional kitchens and living rooms seem to become increasingly popular. This is certainly the case for properties which have a living room which is too small for a large dining table.

In such instances, having a kitchen orangery extension installed with an arched roof consisting of glass and wrought iron can be smart. Such a vintage structure can make your house more attractive for prospective buyers.

Such a magnificent wrought iron orangery adds value to your property as you can enjoy this wonderful extension during the entire year.

With a glass orangery of DBG Classics, you can increase the aesthetic value of your property while you can also benefit from this investment on a daily basis (especially during spring and summer).

Ample opportunities to use the extra space

You should always try to add a touch of magic to your kitchen orangery extension plans. While taking care of the aesthetic beauty, you cannot neglect the importance of proper planning in terms of usability.

This means you need to properly plan the use of the extra space in order to make sure the additional space is leveraged to the maximum. This depends on what your preferences are and how you want to use the orangery…

For example, the model of this type of arched kitchen orangery extension can also be used as a pure lean-to greenhouse to grow vegetables and fruits.

It is certainly possible to build a small glass orangery which extends an existing kitchen or living room in order to create extra space or even a separate winter garden. This can help you maximise your property’s market value.

Such an eye-catcher adds value to your property, also from an aesthetic point of view. For more tips, check out Home Staging: 23 Homestaging Tips To Help You Sell Your Home.

Consider a contemporary orangery

Do not be afraid to build a kitchen orangery extension which mingles both ancient and modern influences. Even if you own a classic or Victorian house, you could certainly consider to build a contemporary kitchen orangery extension for that extra special touch.

Our wrought iron orangery structures can perfectly blend into the scenery to complement various building styles at different kinds of locations. A nicely designed orangery can have a contemporary look while still matching the original style of the house.

A glass kitchen orangery extension

Outside space to enjoy during each season of the year

Our wrought iron kitchen orangery extensions enable you to enjoy your garden during each season of the year. Our authentic glass orangeries can wonderfully complement practically all types of properties and can be tastefully designed according to your specific wishes in order to enhance your lifestyle.

The arched glass roof ensures that heat is retained and offers the perfect winter garden experience. Hence, you can enjoy this great vintage structure which offers magnificent garden views during the entire year.

Bring the outdoors indoors

DBG Classics offers holistic solutions which enable you to fully enjoy your valuable and precious garden space.

Our wrought iron lean-to orangeries can be your perfect tool to create the ultimate outdoors experience, perfect for outdoor activities, entertaining guests, al fresco dining or just a relaxing moment to read your paper or digital newspaper while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.

Interested in a kitchen orangery extension? Contact us

Interested in a greenhouse and/or orangery design for your lean-to kitchen or dining room extension? We can help you with building the perfect orangery extension which satisfies all your needs.

We would love to advise and help you with designing and planning your future kitchen orangery extension with characteristics of a vintage orangery from back in time.

Do not hesitate and contact us to enjoy our personal advisory services. You can also request a quote online.