Project Description

Is it taking you considerable time to find a suitable rustic veranda with a look and feel that matches your house? Then consider a wrought iron lean-to veranda in glass like as shown in the photos.

Such a model of DBG Classics has a vintage appeal and can create a special and authentic appearance.

Why choose a rustic veranda of DBG Classics?

The answer to this question is obvious. Analyse the pictures of this realisation at the top of this page attentively and let the photos speak for themselves. Because of the unique design and the aesthetically pleasing appearance of such a veranda of course!

custom-made veranda with rustic interior and accompanying lighting by dbg classics

Close your eyes for a while and try to imagine what it would mean to have such a gem in your garden…

Enjoying a special aperitif or a tasty dinner with your loved ones in this elegant setting, relaxing in this wrought iron veranda, enjoying a lovely evening with friends and family, devouring a good book or enjoying a delicious coffee there, etc.

Beautiful & stylish workmanship

The symmetry of the verandas, their attractive materials and – above all – their meticulous workmanship are simply beautiful to the eyes.

Look at the wonderful and slightly curved fine profiles of the roof for example. The elegant lighting in the ridge of the roof creates a cosy atmosphere when the night falls.

The dwarf wall is built of masonry and its surface has been finished with natural stone (Belgian bluestone). The natural stone’s grey tone matches perfectly with the colour of the sidewall’s joints.

Custom-made rustic veranda available

We would love to serve you with advice and a splendid service tailored to your wishes and situation. Each situation is different and we always try to offer a solution which completely satisfies your desires.

Are you interested in such a veranda orangery as a lean-to structure against your house? Then don’t hesitate to contact us to acquire more information about the available custom-made verandas.

Do-It-Yourself kit available

Are you skillful and do you enjoy rolling up your sleeves? Then a do-it-yourself kit could be the perfect solution for you! You save money as you don’t need to pay a professional. In addition, you can proudly celebrate your personal realisation after the installation of the veranda.

building veranda yourself with DIY kit of dbg classics

In other words, you can always decide to install a rustic veranda of DBG Classics yourself by ordering a DIY kit. All the items are delivered at your doorstep and you can get to work by following the guidelines and plans.

Are you not up for such a DIY adventure? No problem! In Belgium you can count on a professional from DBG Classics to do the installation for you.

Do you live outside Belgium? Then you can always appoint a professional who can assist you with the installation (an experienced gardener or building contractor for example).

Request more information

Have we aroused your interest in our verandas? And are you wondering what kind of role we could play for your special project in rustic style? Then don’t hesitate any longer and contact us.

You can also request a quote online.