Project Description

This steel base conservatory has been built as a lean-to model against a brick wall and has a retro look and a curved roof.

The steel profiles of this lean-to steel base conservatory are thermally galvanised. This means this greenhouse’s steel profiles were thermally treated. This process of galvanisation ensures the steel is better protected against rust and corrosion.

This steel conservatory offers a mix of classic and contemporary design which creates an extra dimension…

Retro conservatory with contemporary look

Our galvanised steel conservatories can offer added value in various scenarios. For example, for this project the lean-to conservatory was built against an existing brick wall in the client’s garden.

Do you live in a wonderful cottage house or do you have a garden which is blessed with a rustic landscaped design (including a few brick walls for example)?

And is it your dream to install a decorative and very durable steel lean-to conservatory? Which neatly fits with your classic pastoral country style? Then you landed on the website of the perfect partner who can help make your dream project come true!

This steel base conservatory exudes a vintage design with an air of contemporary charm

This lean-to greenhouse with curved roof can become the eye-catcher in your garden as it is a rare gem of vintage design. This greenhouse triggers nostalgic feelings with its typical retro look and takes gardening in a greenhouse to the next level!

Apart from fresh and healthy vegetables and fruit, such a construction is also really pleasing to the eye. Even people who dislike gardening are attracted by the aesthetic beauty of this creation. This is because a stylish and elegant appearance matters!

Galvanised steel including anticorrosive layer

This custom-made conservatory consists of galvanised steel profiles and glass.

This kind of material is durable and offers considerably more protection against rust (corrosion) than ‘traditional’ steel which is only protected by a layer of paint.

Steel conservatory base as finishing touch

This steel lean-to conservatory is designed with contemporary and minimalist influences. The smooth, clean-cut, and curving steel profiles create a magnificent steel conservatory which is very stylish with a retro look.

Are you a creative personality? Do you happen to have very specific requirements concerning the shape and/or dimensions of the steel conservatory? That is not a problem at all. We can design and produce custom conservatories which exactly meet your demands regarding shape, dimensions and functionalities.

For example, the customer of this project wanted a special steel conservatory base instead of a traditional brick dwarf wall. In other words, the bricks and the natural stone were replaced by an elegant galvanised steel conservatory base.

Advantages of this steel conservatory

Easy maintenance

Galvanised steel with a protective anticorrosive layer does not need a lot of maintenance.

Generally speaking, a yearly cleanup is sufficient. Do you wish to clean the glass windows multiple times a year? Then this is no problem of course.

Unique appearance

Do you wish to build a special conservatory which is elegant, distinguished and aesthetically pleasing? Something different than the average garden greenhouse?

Then our steel conservatories with vintage look could be the perfect match for you!

Durable material

This wonderful construction with steel conservatory base is built with really durable materials. The steel greenhouse profiles for example are extremely durable and offer a maximum life span.

Also the steel door and custom steel roof rafters inside the conservatory are made of strong materials with a long life span.

DIY steel conservatory kit is available

Are you handy and do you love to roll up your sleeves? Then we have fantastic news for you! It is possible to order a DIY galvanised steel conservatory kit in order to install and build it yourself!

We supply you with all the materials (including the elements of the steel conservatory base and glass) and deliver them to your door. You will also receive a detailed assembly plan which will guide you along the way.

This special adventure with a Do-It-Yourself conservatory kit can offer you an even greater sense of satisfaction.

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