Project Description

Building a greenhouse against a wall or façade can add an extra dimension to your home in the countryside. Do you dream of gardening in your own charming, authentic greenhouse? Which you can simply enter by opening your back door or side door? Then continue reading and get inspired to ensure your future greenhouse against your wall or façade will be an absolute gem!

Charming greenhouse against wall

A greenhouse against the wall can become a lovely extension of your home thanks to the interplay between bricks, bluestone (or another type of natural stone), wrought iron profiles, and glass.

The pictures of this realisation perfectly demonstrate what such a curved semicircular greenhouse against a wall can mean for your garden and quality of life.

Growing fresh vegetables and fruits has never been so enjoyable. Do you quickly need lettuce or tomatoes? Then simply open the door and walk straight into your personal greenhouse with a vintage appearance!

The interior of such a wrought iron greenhouse against the wall also offers a charming, cosy feeling and atmosphere. The curving lines of the roof profiles and the dwarf brick wall create a specific vintage and authentic feeling.

The authentic feeling that overwhelms you when you’re standing inside the greenhouse… That’s why any garden lover should consider such an authentic greenhouse in wrought iron.

Durable materials – Greenhouse against wall

We deliver customised, durable greenhouses with a distinctive charm. The lean-to greenhouses consist of durable and beautiful materials such as the black wrought iron profiles.

The glass gives an extra touch and creates a stylish appearance. The interplay with the fine wrought iron profiles ensures a lot of natural light inside the greenhouse.

Vintage greenhouse against wall – Custom-made

Are you wondering how to select the best greenhouse for your greenhouse project? We listen to your wants, needs, and budget and offer advice without obligations.

Customisation is our strength so we can absolutely serve you with a custom-made vintage greenhouse that perfectly fits your particular wall or façade. We guarantee the highest quality, durable wrought iron profiles and a customer-oriented approach.

DIY greenhouse against wall is possible

Building a greenhouse of DBG Classics against the wall or façade is possible in two ways:

  1. Constructing the greenhouse against the wall yourself by ordering a complete DIY lean-to greenhouse package, or
  2. Appointing DBG Classics for the construction of the greenhouse against the wall (only possible in Belgium).

The lean-to greenhouse can be delivered at your doorstep as a DIY greenhouse kit. This is the perfect solution for anyone who loves to garden and who is an old hand at completing DIY construction kits.

Do you not have enough time or are you afraid you lack the technical skill set to construct the greenhouse against the wall yourself? Then you can always appoint a professional contractor or handyman to install it for you.

We can take care of the installation of our greenhouses for you, but only in Belgium (Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia).

Contact us – DBG Classics

Are you wondering how we could be of service regarding a greenhouse against your wall or façade? With a pitched roof and straight walls or with a curved semicircular roof?

Then don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligations. Or request a quote online immediately. We would love to be of service and you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your options.