Project Description

Are you looking for the perfect luxury greenhouse to use as an extension model?

Then why should you not consider opting for a similar annex model?

The wall greenhouse of this project was built with fine wrought iron profiles and glass.

This finished ensemble offers an exclusive and prestigious look.

It is a stylish and luminous space to enjoy the sunlight and your free time…

Buying a luxury greenhouse: Free-standing or as extension?

When you buy a wrought-iron greenhouse fitted with glass, you must first think about its design.

Your first fundamental choice is therefore whether the glasshouse should be freestanding or whether it should be built as an annex to your home. Both types have advantages and disadvantages.

The shape of a greenhouse influences its heat efficiency as well as the final amount of light reaching the plants.

If you opt for a free-standing arched greenhouse, for example, you should know that it is less efficient in terms of heating the space in which vegetables, fruit and plants are grown.

Lean-to greenhouse as annex veranda

A lean-to greenhouse, on the other hand, is a construction that is built against a wall.

This wall can be part of your house or a barn, garage, outbuilding, etc.

An attached greenhouse (like the one in this project) is usually better than a free-standing one when it comes to thermal efficiency.

Tip: Build the greenhouse against an insulated wall to optimally retain the heat.

As far as orientation goes, it is recommended to orient the greenhouse towards the south (but the east and west are not excluded either).

In practice, you can build a lean-to greenhouse either with the ends or with the flank/back against the wall.

Also usable as solarium

A greenhouse annex does not have to be exclusively dedicated to the cultivation of plants, vegetables, fruit and herbs.

This project, for example, shown in the pictures, is a wrought-iron annex sunroom that serves as a luxurious and stylish veranda.

If you buy a large enough annex greenhouse, you can easily install a spa, pool table, bar, hot tub or pond in it.

Such multifunctional greenhouses are usually also called garden rooms, sun rooms or orangeries.

An additional advantage of an annex greenhouse that you build against your house? You do not have to walk outside in the rain or wind first.

In short, our wrought-iron greenhouses are really a place to relax and you can use them as you wish.

You can fill them with (garden) furniture, (wrought-iron) decorations, (potted) plants, vegetables, fruit, plants, cacti, succulents, etc.

Lean-to luxury greenhouse: A few advantages

  • You can make your greenhouse an extra component of your home by using it as a sunroom or veranda.
  • Immediately accessible regardless of weather conditions or time of day or night.
  • Connecting electricity and water in an attached greenhouse is easier than in a detached one (which often requires extra digging to create a trench leading to it).
  • On sunny days, an annex serving as a veranda can help to warm your home.
  • An attached luxurious greenhouse reduces the risk of theft (as opposed to a free-standing greenhouse somewhere in your garden with a greater risk of intruders, vandalism and theft).

As greenhouse to extend the growing season

A major benefit of a wrought iron greenhouse is its ability to extend the growing season.

A greenhouse can be warm enough to grow many different flowers, plants, fruits, herbs and vegetables during the winter months.

In other words, when conditions outdoors are not good enough, you can get started in the greenhouse.

Gardening in a greenhouse enables you to plant seeds and cuttings much earlier than your outdoor garden environment would allow you to do.

At a later stage, you can then easily transfer your vegetables and fruit outside when spring arrives and the outdoor environment is favourable enough for it.

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