Project Description

This semi-circular greenhouse in wrought iron and glass functions as a lean-to model without dwarf wall.

The rounded roof profiles of this greenhouse rest on elegant wrought iron raised edges.

Added value for your garden and property

This semi-circular greenhouse is a visually pleasing delight to the eye and can make your garden that little more special.

The curved greenhouse in wrought iron and glass in this realisation is used as a classic greenhouse to grow fruits and vegetables.

You can see the tomato plants, which are nicely sheltered against rain and wind thanks to the curved roof.

Semi-circular greenhouse in wrought iron: Standard or custom

Do you wish to install a lean-to model with semi-circular roof in standard dimensions?

Or do you happen to have specific wishes concerning dimensions or design?

No problem, in both cases you can count on us. In other words, our wrought iron greenhouses are also customisable.

Interesting fact: The wrought iron is available in any RAL-colour you prefer. Also the silicone used is available in any colour you like.

How to use such a semi-circular greenhouse?

Our semi-circular greenhouses with curved roof are popular for various purposes.

This semi-circular greenhouse in wrought iron and glass is being used as a greenhouse to grow vegetables and fruits.

But this beautiful construction could also serve other purposes of course. For example, this greenhouse can be used as relaxing garden room, as sunroom, as veranda with seating and lots of natural light, as lean-to greenhouse built against an annex in the garden or against the facade of a house, as relaxation room with jacuzzi and/or party table, etcetera.

DIY kit available

Clients from Belgium can count on us for a smooth delivery and construction of the greenhouse in their garden.

But if you happen to be handy (and/or if you would like to minimise the costs), you could also opt for a Do-It-Yourself greenhouse kit.

We deliver the greenhouse to your doorstep, including all materials and floor plan.

Clients from other countries only have the option to order a DIY kit. You can install this kit yourself or you could appoint an experienced gardener or contractor to do it for you.

This lean-to model can be built against an existing facade of your house or annex.

But such a semi-circular greenhouse in beautiful wrought iron is also available as a Victorian style model (also known as freestanding greenhouse).

In this case, the customer opted for a low – yet elegant – wrought iron raised edge. It’s also possible to opt for the same model in combination with a dwarf wall instead of a wrought iron raised edge (also have a look at this rustic veranda for an impression).

Interested in such a semi-circular greenhouse in wrought iron and glass?

Are you interested in our wrought iron greenhouses? Then don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligations.

If you already have specific plans and/or dimensions in mind, then you can also request a custom quote online.